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Looking for VPS hosting service? VPS hosting is referring to Virtual Private Server, its a single server shared by multiple VPS hosting accounts, and each VPS hosting have dedicated server resources; for example physical memory, CPU usage, storage space etc. VPS hosting offering much more server processing power and resources compare to shared web hosting.

VPS Hosting = Good Price + Server Resource + Reliability + Support

We are currently using some VPS hosting services, and also reviewing few of the following VPS hosting plan. You can view the best VPS hosting as below table.

VPS hosting

No. Hosting Company Space Memory Control Panel Price Coupon
1 Hostgator.com 30GB 768MB Cpanel $49.95 Hostgator VPS Coupon 25% HOSTGATOR371
2 Liquidweb.com 75GB 900MB Cpanel/WHM $50 Liquidweb VPS Annual Plan Discount
3 Site5 VPS 35GB 756MB Cpanel/WHM $53 Site5 VPS
4 Dreamhost VPS Unlimited 300MB Custom $15 Dreamhost VPS
5 A2hosting 10GB 128MB Xen/HyperVM $10.32 A2hosting VPS Coupon 31%
6 Webhostingbuzz 25GB 128MB Cpanel $34.95 Webhostingbuzz VPS $34.95
7 Startlogic 20GB 128MB Plesk $29.95 Startlogic VPS $29.95
8 Ipower 20GB 128MB Plesk $49 IPOWER VPS $49
9 Eukhost 15GB 384MB Virtuozzo £19 Eukhost VPS Coupon 10%
10 Godaddy VPS 20GB 1GB Parallels $29.99 Godaddy VPS
11 Inmotionhosting.com 40GB 256MB Cpanel/WHM $49.95 Inmotion VPS Annual Plan Discount
12 VPSNext.com 50GB 512MB Cpanel/WHM $49.95 VPSNext VPS coupon
13 HostV 25GB 512MB Cpanel/Virtuozzo $39.99 Hostv VPS $39.99

Virtual Private Server Hosting and Review.

What exactly is VPS web hosting plan and why is it here? VPS web hosting start for Virtual Private Server hosting plan. It’s where a physical server is virtually divided into few smaller web servers. This is done via computer software; the virtual private server is formed. Each container can works at its own and having its own resources, and these container can reboot by its own and without affecting the other container. This container is the VPS web hosting account. Each VPS account works by its own!

VPS web hosting plan is created as the smaller solution to private dedicated server. Not everyone needs the entire full scale web hosting server. Having dual core processing and few terabytes of web storage space is too much for most website hosting. This is when this single server can be virtually divided into multiple VPS account and each account getting an equal share of the server physical resources. And each VPS accounts can own by different owner. In this one particular VPS account, webmaster get to host their multiple websites and get to utilized all the resources within their account. Since it’s just a fraction of the web server, their price is just a small fraction too. Most VPS web hosting plan start from $20 dollars and premium quality VPS plan can goes up to $40 dollars or $50 dollars, depend of additional features and control panel upgrade etc.

If you are upgrading from shared web hosting plan and looking for more server performance to support growing web traffic, or you want to have more email sending or more control of the web servers. This is the best time to upgrade to VPS web hosting plan, and this is their advantages to offer too.

VPS web hosting plan consideration.

Always choose the VPS web hosting plan that offers you more than 512MB of RAM memory, and choose the VPS web hosting plan that have pre-installed control panel. For example VPS hosting that offers you with WHM and cPanel control panel is a good start. There is no need to manually setup control panel by your own. Some low budget or cheap VPS web hosting plan doesn’t even have control panel for you. Unless you are technically know-how, you are not recommended for this type of VPS web hosting services.

Next, choose the type of VPS control panel. There are few choices available today:

  1. WHM and cPanel
  2. Xen
  3. Parallel Plesk or Virtuozzo.
  4. Custom made.
  5. Managed or unmanaged VPS plan

Next, choose the fully managed VPS web hosting plan, not the unmanaged or partially managed VPS. This is worth the money to pay, and web hosts that offering fully managed VPS plan are not expensive at all. Choose the best VPS web hosting right now and better than regret after.

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  • VPS web hosting is getting our focus for many month. Webmaster are upgrading from shared hosting, and quality is what they want. For highest quality, Liquidweb and Inmotion VPS plan are getting our attention.

  • This month Webhostingbuzz offer! Get their VPS hosting free trial, $1 dollar only and their plan is yours. Try it before you buy, this is a great promotion.

  • Included the Hostgator VPS plans into the top 10 choice. And we had selected them as the top 3 plans due to their great quality and value for money. The plan 3 and above is recommended as its the plan with cPanel and fully managed. Plan 1 & 2 is self managed and with virtuozzo control panel.

  • Added site5, Dreamhost and Godaddy VPS plan into the list. Among these three, Site5 is the preferred choice in term of features and specification, but their price is quit high. This making Dreamhost hosting the next best choice, and their basic package start from only $15 per month.

  • Due to price war, web hosting company are introducing cheaper and more affordable VPS web hosting plans. We had seen VPS plan priced at below $10 dollars per month and lower. Price is a consideration criteria in our rating, and its now getting less weight in our rating system.

    For the best quality VPS web hosting plan, we are recommending the VPS plan from Inmotion hosting, Hostgator, and Liquidweb hosting.

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