Ixwebhosting VPS Review – Linux & Windows VPS Plan

There is increasing demand for vps web hosting plan, webmaster are requiring more server resources and better website performance. Looking forward to upgrade from shared web hosting plan, but not opt for the expensive dedicated server hosting choice yet, then vps web hosting plan works the best for this particular group of webmaster.

Virtual Private Server offering private/reserved resources for your account, and you can use it to host your websites in these allocated resources. Its guarantee RAM on the server, it provided you with dedicated IP address, and allocated storage space is guarantee too. Its like having a mini dedicated server! There are few other vps accounts sharing the same dedicated server, virtually!

Ix web hosting vps plan is now offering in both linux vps plan & windows vps plan. You can choose any of it, and each type are offering in three vps hosting packages for you to choose. Main different is in RAM, storage and bandwidth and control panel choice. For beginner that moving from shared hosting to ix vps hosting plan, we recommend to start with X4 ixwebhosting vps plan! Its with 768MB ram, and its with cpanel or plesk control panel that is very easy to use, and this will iron-out your migration from shared hosting over to vps hosting!

Visit here to view the ixwebhosting vps hosting plan!

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  • Beside vps hosting plan, ixwebhosting also offering cloud hosting plan right now, its with solid state disk SSD that offers the faster server speed performance. Visit ixwebhosting for details.

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