Top 20 Shared Website Hosting Plans

Looking for the best web service and deal? This website provide reviews and help you to find the most suitable plan for online hosting. We own nearly 50 accounts and having years of experience with these top web hosts.

1 iPage Unlimited Unlimited Vdeck $1.68 Activate
2 Fatcow Unlimited Unlimited Vdeck $3.15 Activate
3 Justhost Unlimited Unlimited Cpanel $2.75 Activate
4 Unlimited Unlimited Cpanel $4.95 Activate
5 Unlimited Unlimited Cpanel $4.95 Activate
6 Unlimited Unlimited Cpanel 25% Activate
7 Webhostingpad Unlimited Unlimited Cpanel $1.99 Activate
8 Ipower Unlimited Unlimited Vdeck $3.25 Activate
9 Netfirms Unlimited Unlimited Vdeck $2.49 Activate
10 Unlimited Unlimited Backstage $4.95 Activate
11 Unlimited Unlimited H-Sphere $3.95 Activate
12 Unlimited Unlimited Cpanel $5.95 Activate
13 Unlimited Unlimited Vdeck $5.95 Activate
14 Powweb Unlimited Unlimited Vdeck $3.88 Activate
15 Liquidweb 5GB 120GB Cpanel $14.95 Activate
16 10GB Unlimited Custom $4.99 Activate
17 Omnis Unlimited Unlimited Custom $5.95 Activate
18 Webhostingbuzz 400GB 10000GB Cpanel $4.95 Activate
19 Green Geeks Unlimited Unlimited Cpanel $4.95 Activate
20 Dreamhost Unlimited Unlimited Cpanel $8.95 Activate

We are reviewing the top web hosting companies based on our actual experience. No fake user review or user testimonial like others do. We have the latest comparison test, and the largest coupon collection that give the best discount price!

We use most of these website hosting services and our recommended choice is sorted in top down order. Our comparison and reviews are categorized and sorted by storage space, bandwidth, price, features in ascending order.

Biggest Black Friday Sales from Fatcow & iPage

This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will be more awesome compare to previous year. It’s the market trend and web hosts are often lowering their price when economy is slower or get into recession. This year economic seem to be worst compare to last year. For example, the latest fiscal cliff and the Greece bailout causes the US and European market to get more stress than ever. From news, we also see major retailer throwing off major sales discounts this Black Friday and hope to get some final profit before the year end. This is the same case happening throughout the whole industry. Top web hosting companies are giving their best offers and give even more discounts compare to last year.

In this year promo, we like to recommend this now available for $1.99 only. First three months are $1.99 and next consequence months are $2.95 per month. This iPage promotion price will last for 2 days only and there is not much time to waste here. Get your credit card ready and signup iPage today and get their biggest coupon price $1.99 here.

iPage coupon Black Friday 2012

Next special offer is this which also offering unlimited hosting plan. Their Black Friday sale is $3.15 per month. This price is their biggest discount price and much better compare to $3.45 offer price. This is nearly another 10% off their previous price. Same thing here, this is limited to this Black Friday sale only and only valid for first time customer.

Best promotion from Hostgator, Fatcow and iPage

Are you searching for the best web hosting deal for this month of October 2012? Right now is the best time to signup for following plans. Offer price ranging from 5% to 40% off regular price.

The best web hosting promotion for this month come from, they are now giving 40% off for their one day sale. They are celebrating 10th year’s birthday today and giving 40% instant discount off all plans from budget shared service to high performance dedicated server.

This Hostgator promotion only valid for 24 hours only and new customer can use the Hostgator coupon BIRTHDAY to signup with 40% discount price. Here is the Hostgator promotion page looks like.

Hostgator coupon birthday sales

Next best web hosting offer price come from Their promotion price has been running for few days and right now they are giving the lower price of $3.47 per month. This price is about 5% off regular price of $3.67 per month. This plan also include free domain name and free setup. This is the best time to signup Fatcow.

Finally we have this iPage at 5% discount as well. Their new price is $3.29 per month and more cheaper compare to $3.50 monthly pricing. To get the best price from them, new customer must signup using the iPage discount link from this website.

In summary, we have highlighted the top 3 promotion for this month. The Hostgator promotion price is valid for one day only and the Fatcow iPage promotion is valid for longer time. Choose the best plan for your online websites and signup at the right time to enjoy the highest web hosting discount price.

Hostgator coupon and how to get 40% discount off their web hosting

Wait a second and see this tutorial before signing up with plan. Here is the chance to get this at 40% less. They are now with this web hosting promotion price that helps you to save more when you order more. Here is the step-by-steps to get this discount price:

  • Go to via this link here!
  • Choose one of their three shared web hosting plans.
  • Choose a new domain name.
  • Enter in Hostgator coupon ’40OFF’ without quote.
  • Filled up billing information and complete the order page.

Hostgator coupon 40OFF

This signup is protected by 45-days money back guarantee. No question asked when requesting for full refund. Your new account will be setup instantly and get activated once payment went through. Above screenshot shows our Hostgator coupon credit 40 percent off with amount up to $47.76 dollars when we placed order Hostgator Baby plan one year term. To get more discount, simply order bigger package or longer duration.

Website IP address temporarily blocked by Google? Is this a site Penalty?

We want you to take a deep breath and calm down. This is what happened to us months ago, our website IP address is marked as temporarily blocked by Google when we use various online Google rank checking tool to look at our website. The real problem is, all these IP blocking checking tools are the biggest joke and they doesn’t work. We put series of websites into test and unfortunately the GOOGLE.COM IP address is being blocked and tagged as well. This further proof these IP blocking checker technology is not perfect and having bugs inside. It sure freak us out when seeing our friendly website is marked as blocked IP.

IP address being blocked doesn’t mean site penalty all together. There is no one cause and lead to another effect. It doesn’t mean your website is doing something wrong and result in IP blocking. If Google want to block your website, they will done it by blocking the domain name directly and not blocking the entire IP address that might be hosting hundred other domain names in the same web server. This is the biggest joke played by the online checker tool.

At one point, we were confused with site penalty idea and we filled up the Google reconsideration request. The reply we get is our website is healthy and never been penalized. This is the real confirmation from Google and we trust it. Always get the information from reliable source. Online checker tool that is use by million of website to check their ranking doesn’t mean they will give 100% accurate information. If you have inquiries, contact the respective party directly and stop guessing around, right!

Why website homepage not in Google? Will reconsideration request works?

We will make this short, and this is our website SEO scenario. In recent months and obviously after March 2012 Google updates, the website ranking is highly effected. There is website that totally removed from Google search engine result and there is website with certain page not getting listed. For our case, the homepage is no where found in Google, but the inner page still visible. Website missing from Google radar. This is horrible. What would caused this?

After weeks and months of testing and debugging, we finally found the right answer. Right now, this has returned to all major search engines and including the search engine. Even without using the Google reconsideration request. Off-course, we had done a lot of things to make this possible. Here is what we do:

  • Large scale website cleanup. Including text content and user comments.
  • Beware of duplication content. We want to have content that is natural as possible.
  • Implement a much better website cache plugin that greatly improve website loading time.
  • Reduce number of links within a page.

Above are some of the checklist we have to work on. It takes weeks to complete and finally we have done it. And some time after, the website start to get back into Google and now ranked at page 5th for some of the premier keyword we had targeted. This mean our search engine optimization works and it’s 100% focused on site. Improve website quality and this will increase website visibility in search engines. It works for us, and it might works for you as well.

Top web host IPAGE is now with biggest discount price $2.95

Ipage is one of the best top web hosting company and now offering the biggest sale. Their shared plan right now is only $2.95 per month and available for all new users. Their latest plan includes all unlimited features, vDeck 4, Simple Scripts installer, free domain name and total of $450 of free extras.

Hurry! This IPAGE sale will last for three more days and will end soon. This one of the 100% green plan too. Host all your website green at more affordable price with them.

iPage web hosting sale $2.95

Ipage & Fatcow extending Father Day Sales

Last week Father day sales, we had selected the top 5 deals that give the best discount price. And this month we had noticed two of the are extending their sales promotion and continue to offer their best price for this week too. Here we have Ipage & Fatcow deals at $2.95/mo and $3.15/mo being extended one more week.

If you had missed out the Father day promotion, don’t forget to signup this week with either Ipage or Fatcow and continue to get their biggest discount price. They both offering free domain name and unlimited domain plan.

Site5 Reviews and Site5 Coupon Codes

Site5 web hosting reviews

This is one of the most technology advanced web hosting company. While others are still offering conventional shared web hosting plans, they are upgrading to cloud shared hosting plan. And while others are introducing VPS hosting plans, they are already moving to cloud VPS hosting plan in place. Beside this, they also have cloud reseller hosting plan etc. They are implementing the most advanced hosting technology and they are perfecting it as well. If you need the best cloud hosting company, this Site5 web hosting will be the first choice.

They have both conventional shared web hosting that is the most value for money and targeting budget user and there is cloud shared hosting that offers the highest quality and the best uptime. They have more hosting packages to choose from, there are few shared hosting plans and cloud hosting plans to select from. Right now, their shared hosting price begin from $4.95/mo only. Here are the features found inside this shared hosting plan:

  • Unlimited disk space.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • One website hosting.
  • Unlimited domain plan start from $8.95 per month.
  • Uses Site5 Backstage and Siteadmin control panel.

Site5 cloud web web hosting plan has better uptime rating and server performance. This cloud hosting plan is with reasonable pricing and cheaper than some other cloud hosting companies have to offer too. Here is the Site5 cloud hosting features:

  • 10 GB storage space.
  • 100 GB bandwidth.
  • Unlimited domain hosting.
  • Better uptime rating with 99.99%.
  • Free dedicated IP address.
  • Free backup service.

They uses special control panel; named Backstage and Siteadmin control panel. This control panel login can be performed from Once logged in, user will get to Backstage control panel as following.

Site5 control panel

Father Day’s Web Hosting Deals & Coupons

The coming weekend will be the Father Day 2012. And for this day, we have here is the latest web hosting deals and coupon code discount. These are the top web hosting companies and they are offering some of the best discount price for this Father Day. If you need a cheap price by this month, this is the best time to signup.

Here is our most recommended top web hosting deals for Father Day 2012:

  • Ipage at $2.95 per month.
  • Fatcow at $3.15 per month.
  • Justhost at $3.75 per month.
  • Bluehost at $4.95 per month.
  • Hostmonster at $4.95 per month.