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Looking for the Best Blog Web Hosting? Want to host your WordPress blog site, and not sure which blog hosting plan to sign up to? We highly recommend cPanel hosting & vDeck hosting plan for WordPress blog. Very user friendly, giving 5 minutes to a novice, he or she will setup the first WordPress blog site. It’s so simple with cPanel & vDeck!

Blog Web Hosting = cPanel/vDeck + Price Range $3 to $5 + Good Feature + Reliability + Support

You can use below table to easily compare various hosting plan. When search for blog hosting, always make sure the features provided is compatible with your blog script. Check the software and MySQL version of the host as well. Following are few of the hosting that we having WordPress blog running without any problem.

No. Hosting Company Space Bandwidth Domains? Free Domain? Cpanel? Blog? Coupon?
1 iPage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Yes Ipage Coupon $1.99/mo
2 Fatcow Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Yes Fatcow Coupon $3.15/mo
3 Justhost Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Justhost Coupon $3.25/mo
4 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Hostmonster Coupon $4.95/mo
5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Bluehost Coupon $4.95/mo
6 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Hostgator Coupon 25% HOSTGATOR371
7 Webhostingpad Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Webhostingpad Coupon $25 'TWHR25'
8 Webhostingbuzz 400Gb 10000GB 2 Yes Cpanel Yes Webhostingbuzz Coupon
9 Host Clear Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes HostClear Coupon 20% Off
10 Super Green Hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes SuperGreen Coupon 20% Off
11 GreenVille Host Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Greenville Host Coupon $2.95/mo
12 Green Geeks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes GreenGeeks Coupon $25 'TWHR25'
13 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Backstage Yes Site5 Coupon
14 Ipower Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Yes Ipower Coupon $3.95/mo
15 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Fastdomain Coupon
16 A2hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited No Cpanel Yes A2hosting Coupon
17 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Hostupon Coupon 15% Off
18 Siteground Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Siteground Coupon
19 Eukhost 200MB 2GB Unlimited No Cpanel Yes Eukhost Coupon 'eukhostreview'
20 Dot5hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Yes Dot5hosting Coupon $3.95/mo
21 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Yes Lunarpages Coupon

Above is our most recommended & top 10 blog web hosting plans. You can use the above blog hosting services to host any of your preferred blogging software, including WordPress, Nuclues, B2evolution, or Geeklog. If you had chosen the latest web hosting plan running the Simplescript installer, you will get all four type of blogs software. Cpanel blog hosting will have less option and not providing the Geeklog blogging apps.

WordPress blog hosting plan is very common today. You can search online and found hundred of recommendation, but we are only interested with top WordPress hosting plan provided by the top web hosting companies only. We want to get the best wordpress hosting services from the best web hosting company, hosting with them is more secure, reliable and more easy. Top hosting company can provide the best customer support, technical support, the latest server hardware software at the best quality. This is the main reason to choose top wordpress web hosting plan only.

Regardless you are a professional or a beginner, always choose the most user-friendly web hosting services and they should provide you with the best control panel and the sure-working application installer. After identify the best blogs hosting plan, make sure they provide all the features you need, and read some review online.

Find real hosting experience, and get a real demo test site. We have more than 30+ actual web hosting account, and we have WordPress blog setup and running in it. For demo test run and review, you can visit our web hosting review blog for details. Since year 2007, we had been hosting with these top blog web hosting companies. With years of real web hosting experience and hosting websites with them, we really know their web hosting services and quality from the inside out. Off-course, we also keep track of their service uptime percentage too. With years of tracking and uptime reports, we know which web hosting company is recommended and which is not. Once again, view our web hosting review blogs for more details.

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  1. I should have had a better look at blogs and also BBB. In choosing a web host, you can check complaints their having in the BBB.
    I didn’t know and got ripped off by WebHostingPad with illegal non-approved payments. I asked them to reimburse those but they softly told me I could talk to their lawyers if I had any complaint but there was no way they would give the money back. So what seemed a very cheap price turned out to be more expensive than other competitors. SO beware of WebHostingPad: they are legally defended robbers!

    Here are the processed complaints against WebHostingPad:
    These complaints concerned :
    6 regarding Advertising Issues

    1 - Advertised terms not honored
    4 - Bait & switch advertisement
    1 - False or unsubstantiated claims in advertisement
    22 regarding Billing or Collection Issues

    4 - Failure to correct billing errors
    3 - Improper collection practices
    6 - None of the Above – Credit, Billing or Collection Complaint Issue
    2 - Unauthorized bank debits
    7 - Unauthorized credit card charges
    2 regarding Contract Issues

    1 - Failure to honor a contract or agreement
    1 - None of the Above – Contract Complaint Issue
    5 regarding Customer Service Issues

    3 - Failure to provide promised assistance or support for products or services
    2 - Inappropriate behavior by customer service personnel
    3 regarding Product Issues

    1 - Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received
    2 - None of the Above – Product Quality Complaint Issue
    14 regarding Refund or Exchange Issues

    8 - Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit
    4 - Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies
    2 - None of the Above – Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue
    21 regarding Service Issues

    5 - Failure to honor service estimate or agreement
    14 - Improper or inferior service
    2 - None of the Above – Service Complaint Issue

    I thought you ought to know! I would have liked before i signed there!Cheers!

  2. dear brian, we have tested this site on mac ipad, its working perfectly. By the way, your URL removed as we see this as a spam post.

    For Good posting, we keep your url here. thanks

  3. today we updated the blog web hosting recommendation list once again, pushing the greengeeks blog hosting higher to 6th position. Their web hosting services is worth recommendation!

    Greengeeks coupon code to use: TWHR25

  4. added inmotion hosting blog plan into the list, start from $4 dollars per month when you choose the starter plan. Great service quality from inmotion web host.

  5. justhost is now one of the most recommended wordpress hosting plan available, with cpanel, and now you can get it for just $2.49/mo (use our justhost coupon to entitle).

  6. Hostgator hosting is now even more attractive, great for blog hosting too, their default price is now 20% off and from $3.96/mo only.

  7. Our blog hosting recommendation list updates at 24th feb 2011, this month we are recommending bluehost as its with the new sitelock security. Follows by inmotion web hosting made it to top 10 blog host list.

  8. Cirtex blog hosting went down low at our list for this month, we are experiencing tremendous service interruption with their web hosting services for recent months. Problems can’t be fixed.

  9. very nice website and I love how you laid out the reviews on here. I enjoy reading reviews on webhosts since I have used so many different ones. Thanks for the information.

  10. Ipage, Fatcow and Justhost are the three most affordable blog hosting plans. Price is around $3 dollars per month. If you need a professional grade blog hosting for your business blogging site hosting, the Inmotion hosting can be a great choice. Their server is fast and with great uptime, price is acceptable and support is great. This make them one of the best web hosting plan and great for WordPress blog hosting as well.

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