Looking for the Unlimited Domain Web Hosting? Unlimited domain hosting means you can setup unlimited number of UNIQUE websites, and each website with own WWW and .COM (or other). You can setup 1, 10, 50 or 100 over websites in the single web hosting account.

You can use below table to easily compare various hosting plan. Use the header tab to SORT the field you prefer. You can sort by space, bandwidth, price, and features in ascending or descending order. Do find it useful

No. Hosting Company Space Bandwidth Domains? Free Domain? Cpanel? Coupon?
1 Fatcow
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Fatcow Coupon $3.15/mo
2 iPage
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Ipage Coupon $1.99/mo
3 Justhost
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Justhost Coupon $3.25/mo
4 Hostmonster
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Hostmonster Coupon $4.95/mo
5 Bluehost
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Bluehost Coupon $4.95/mo
6 Webhostingpad
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Webhostingpad Coupon $25 'TWHR25'
7 HostGator
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Hostgator Coupon 25% HOSTGATOR371
8 Ipower Starter Plan
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Ipower Coupon $3.95/mo
9 Powweb
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Powweb Coupon $3.88/mo
10 Green Geeks
Green Geeks
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel GreenGeeks Coupon 'TWHR25'
11 Site5
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Backstage Site5 Coupon
12 Host Clear
Host Clear
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel HostClear Coupon 20% Off
13 Fastdomain
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Fastdomain Coupon
14 Dot5hosting
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Dot5hosting Coupon $3.95/mo
15 Eukhost
GreenVille Host
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel GreenVille Host Coupon
16 A2Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited No Cpanel A2hosting Coupon
17 Lunarpages
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Lunarpages Coupon
18 Startlogic
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Startlogic Coupon $3.95
19 Eukhost
200MB 2GB Unlimited No Cpanel Eukhost Coupon 'eukhostreview'
20 Webhostingbuzz
375GB 5,000GB Unlimited Yes Cpanel Webhostingbuzz Coupon

There is few variety of so called “unlimited web hosting plan” available today. This is referring to unlimited website hosting services, and giving you all the storage and bandwidth to host all you websites in one web hosting account. But, not all hosting plan provides all the unlimited features, some web host offers partial features and some other feature are not unlimited. When looking for unlimited hosting plan, here are some of the main considerations. Unlimited web hosting plan can include one or some of the following features:

  1. Unlimited web storage space
    This feature allows you to use as many web storage space for your website files storage. If your website require 1GB to run, that will be the amount that you get to use. There is no limit set in disk space usage. However, there are always rules and TOS when come to shared web hosting plan and disk space usage. Most unlimited web hosting plan doesn’t permit web storage space for media file storage or backup files storage. For example if you are running a video sharing website and require hundred of GB space, unlimited shared web hosting won’t works for your case. Unlimited web storage space is only valid for storing website files and files required by your website to operate. When you have special case or consideration to made, always check through the web host’s TOS in detail and make sure your website is not violating the Term and Condition of use.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth transfer
    Some web host market this as unlimited bandwidth transfer or unmetered bandwidth transfer. Its referring to the same thing, you get to use as much bandwidth usage every month and can transfer files as you require. Every upload download process require a server process thread, and web host often limiting the server process time and CPU percentage that you are allow to use. If your website is too busy with file upload and download, shared web hosting will quickly run out of resource for you and trigger the alert. Some web host will suspend of terminate account on those heavy traffic site. This is why shared hosting not recommended for this type of downloading site, it’s recommended to upgrade to VPS or dedicated server as the more appropriate web hosting choice.
  3. Unlimited addon domain hosting
    This is the greatest feature to have, it allows you to host multiple websites uniquely at their own. Having five or ten or one hundred websites, and each running by their own. This is not subdomain or domain parking; it’s a full feature multiple website hosting plan. Each website can have its own domain name, web files, database, and configuration. And each domain name runs independently. Most web hosts that advertise themselves as unlimited domain hosting plan allows up to 9999 domains hosting.
  4. Unlimited e-Mail accounts
    This is referring to unlimited e-Mail account creation. There is no limit on number of account that you can create for your user, usually this limit is set to 9999 in cPanel. Some web hosts allows few thousand of email accounts, for example Bluehost is with 2500 email accounts creation. This eMail account limit is different from email sending limits, having unlimited emails account doesn’t mean you can send receive email without limit. Shared web hosting only allows few hundred of eMail sending per day, if you need higher limits the VPS or dedicated server will be the best upgrade option.
  5. Unlimited MySQL database
    This is another useful feature to have. When web host is offering unlimited addon domain hosting feature, make sure they are giving unlimited database feature all together. Or else you will run out of database and unable to create database driven website once your quota is running out. The unlimited MySQL database feature allows you to continue to add new database for your domain name, and it’s a must have features too.