Father Day’s Web Hosting Deals & Coupons

The coming weekend will be the Father Day 2012. And for this day, we have here is the latest web hosting deals and coupon code discount. These are the top web hosting companies and they are offering some of the best discount price for this Father Day. If you need a cheap price by this month, this is the best time to signup.

Here is our most recommended top web hosting deals for Father Day 2012:

  • Ipage at $2.95 per month.
  • Fatcow at $3.15 per month.
  • Justhost at $3.75 per month.
  • Bluehost at $4.95 per month.
  • Hostmonster at $4.95 per month.
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How to migrate to more affordable web hosting plan?

Are you considering to migrate to a new web hosting plan? This website migration guide will help you and with step-by-step easy to follow migration process. Give it a though and website migration process can be easier than you though. From our five years of experience and having more than 30 hosting accounts, we have lots of experience in website migration and signup too. Here is the migration process in simple.

Before migration, you will need to find a new home for your websites. Take everything into consideration when you are searching for a new plan. Most importantly, the previous problems can be solved and will be reappeared in your new plan. Off-course, you will need a better quality web hosting company that offering what you want.

If you are looking for shared service, consider the top 10 web hosting list above and choose the best plan for your websites. Next, look for web hosting deal and discount. Pay less for the new plan is same important as choosing a more budget solution for long term too, both helps you to save money. Once you have identified the best promotion, its time to signup and made the payment. Usually, your account will be presented to your within 24 hours, some web hosts will give you instantly.

The migration process made simple. In certain web hosting company, they do provide free website migration service too. Different web hosts have different policy, some web host will migrate files and database for you, and some other company will migrate the whole account and control panel including setting and files. And there is web host that migrate multiple hosting accounts too. Look for the best migration service. However, not all of them are free, some web host will charge additional fees for their website migration service. We are not recommending this, the migration process is simple and once you learned the trick, you can do it over and over again without paying anything.

If you are doing the migration process all by yourself, here is the simple steps that you need to take. Beginner more often made mistake and some are irreversible. For this reason, we advice you to backup your web files, database, and setting before process with the migration process. Login to your website control panel and there will be a backup tab, use the backup service to generate latest backup copy for your hosting plan. Next, download the backup file generated, and place it on your desktop. If your new plan uses the same control panel as your previous hosting, they will have the import feature in place too. Use the import feature to upload the backup file from old host, complete the process and your websites will be fully migrated to this new web host. If you are getting different control panel, its time for manually uploading files and follow by creating database and migrate the database to new host. This process will take longer time to complete and we expect the beginner to complete it within 30 minutes of time. Expert user can complete the migration process in less than 10 minutes.

After migrating files and database to the new web hosting plan, always test your websites and setting. Make sure the setting and configuration are done correctly and the site is working perfectly. Next, you can create the new email accounts or doing domain management in the new web hosts. Some webmaster preferred to migrate the domain name to new host too, in this case you can unlock the old domain name and request for domain transfer key. Proceed with the domain transfer request from the new hosting company website, and you can expect the domain migration to be completed in 7 days. For best convenient, keep your domain name with domain registrar including Namecheap and Godaddy, you can get better domain price from them especially when ordering bulk amount of domains.

We hope this migration guideline are simple enough to follow. If you require some advice and helps, do submit us your comment here in this Topwebhostingreviews.org website.

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Earth Day 2012 & Our most recommended green web hosting service

This year Earth Day falls on April 22, also known as 422 Earth Day. Its the day to go green and the day to promote green energy, Eco-friendly product and services. We had seen the news in television and via online channel too. Everybody have a role to play in this, and we hope you too can take part in this to make a greener world. Some people choose to use public transport instead of driving to work, and some people is switching to green vehicle or electric drive transport which is greener and better for the environment.

For us at Topwebhostingrviews.org, we are encouraging webmasters and web owner to switch to greener web hosting plan. Leave the old school web hosting services that generate tons of carbon emission. Those websites are polluting the earth every second, 24×7 everyday. By switching to 100% green web hosting service, your website carbon footprint is offset and back to zero. Green host uses community energy that is generated via wind turbine, these energy credit is used by web hosting company to power their web hosting servers and data center.

We have listed nearly top 10 green web hosting plans in our website, see the top 10 list at homepage above. Find the best green web hosting plan for your website, and host all your websites green from this Earth Day and onward. Make good use of technology and choose the one that save the earth. This is the better way to get your website online right!

Here is Fatcow’s green web hosting plan that is running with $3.15/mo promotion price. This offer price is valid for this Earth Day. They are 100% green, and hosting with them is the best way to make your website green.

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Best Ipage coupon price $2.95/mo this weekend only

This month of April, we had seen few top web hosting companies start offering discount price for their web hosting plan. And this include the famous web hosts too, including Ipage, Fatcow, Hostmonster, Bluehost web hosting company. These are the famous names in web hosting industry, and they are generously giving away discount price for their new customer. If you are considering to switch to a new web hosting company. Or want to know how to switch to a new web host, these are few of the user-friendly and the easiest web hosts that you can consider.

Ipage web hosting is the best among the four. Their web hosting discount price right now is $2.95 per month only, follow by Fatcow web hosting discount price of $3.15 per month. Next, there is Hostmonster coupon price of $3.95 per month and Bluehost discount price of $4.95 per month. These are the few top recommendation for this month. And off-course, Ipage.com web hosting coupon price of $2.95 per month is our favorite of the all.

Hurry, this iPage sale end soon! This is an unlimited web hosting plan that you can host multiple domain names and websites. With no extra cost and all the websites you get to host, this is the most value for money web hosting package. Use Ipage coupon discount link below to get to the secret page as below.

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Top web hosting deal from Hostmonster @ $3.95/mo

This Hostmonster web hosting promotion has been running for few days, and will last throughout this month of April 2012. This mean you still got time to signup for their web hosting offer and grab the lowest web hosting price from them. Signup for their unlimited web hosting plan today and get it at $3.95/mo special offer price here. This Hostmonster offer price is valid throughout this month, and will be valid until 30th April.

This wonderful cPanel web hosting plan is with unlimited domain hosting, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and its with the best-of-best technical support. Uptime percentage wise, its really good too as what we received for our Hostmonster hosted website. Most webmasters will find this web hosting plan sufficient and useful, and its just a very small price to pay. Order today and right now, to enjoy their lowest web hosting discount price ever!

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Web hosting coupon for Bluehost & Hostmonster at $4.95/mo

Here is another great web hosting deals for Bluehost & Hostmonster web hosting. In the pass few days, they already start offering special promotion price for their famous cPanel web hosting plan. Anyone who place their new order right now will be able to lock in this low price of $4.95 per month.

This same promotion is now running at both Bluehost.com and Hostmonster.com website. Before you signup with them, make sure you use the web hosting coupon link below to activate the discount price. Off-course, this link will bring you to the best discount page. If their best price is now $4.95/mo, then you will get this price for sure.

This small price can buy you unlimited web hosting plan from Bluehost/Hostmonster. If you order now, you can get their free marketing ads credit, free domain, and free site-builder with web templates inside. All these are included in this limited time web hosting sale!

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Ipage coupon price $2.95/mo for this February 2012

Here is one of the best web hosting deal of the month. If you are looking for a new web hosting plan this month of February, this iPage.com web hosting plan can be the best choice of the month. Get the latest 63% discount and grab their web hosting plan at $2.95 per month only. This web hosting plan is far cheaper and more affordable compare to many other top web hosts. Their lowest price of $2.95/mo is surely an affordable price for all. This is one of the greatest web hosting coupon price and its valid for all new customer that signup iPage for the first time and activated the iPage coupon link below.

This Ipage.com web hosting is hosting over a million website, they are one of the biggest web hosting company, and they offer one of the greatest web hosting service. This is one of the best web hosting plan and it works. If you are not happy with any of the service, they offer anytime money back guarantee. This is 100% hassle-free web hosting package, and we love it too.

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The best web hosting service for 2012

This year in web hosting industry, there are two issues rising up and getting huge attention. First is the the PIPA and SOPA act that storm the web hosting service industry and the ISP provider. Every service provider are concerned and worrying with the act that can put termination to their services. This effect the service operation, million dollars of law suite, and damages in company reputation. Few of the web hosting companies in our review list are objecting this acts.

Next, there is wide spread of computer hacking activity in the recent month. Is this following the PIPA and SOPA act or the Facebook IPO, we are unsure about this. However, the issue is already here and there is huge hacking activity. How to prevent your website from getting hacked in is another big concern for this year of 2012.

For this year, we advice to choose only the top quality web hosting company with the best reputation only. If you want to have smooth hosting service throughout the year and hosting with confident, go ahead and choose the web hosting company with the best reputation only. Only the web hosting company with the best resource can ensure the success for this year. Following are the few of our top recommendation web hosting service for 2012:

Hostgator web hosting

Fatcow web hosting

Ipage web hosting

Bluehost web hosting

Justhost web hosting

Hostmonster web hosting

Netfirms web hosting

Liquid web hosting

Site5 web hosting

Godaddy web hosting

Not using any of the above web hosting companies? You can migrate over to any of the web hosting company listed above. Choose any of your preferred web hosting plan, use the web hosting coupon provided by this website and entitle for their biggest discount price. Make sure you checkout our review and comments too.

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Incredible Xmas web hosting sale from Justhost at $3.50/mo

This is one of the best web hosting promotion for this coming Xmas sale. And right now, Justhost web hosting is already offering special discount price for their basic web hosting plan. Previously set at price $4.45 per month, this Justhost web hosting plan is now available for $3.50 per month only. Which is 22% off previous pricing, this new price is far cheaper and more affordable.

When you order this Justhost web hosting services by this month of December and by Xmas day, you can get their web hosting plan at $3.50 per month only. And this plan is packed with free extra and free domain name inside.

We had selected this Justhost hosting as one of the best cPanel hosting. They had been our top choice web hosting for many years. Affordable in price and great in uptime rating, and come with lots of free gift and free marketing ads credit. These are their strength for many years, and there are no other competitor to beat their offer.

This Xmas, Justhost web hosting is going to shine once again with their greatest web hosting deals. And not to forget, use the Justhost coupon code provided in our homepage, and it will give you even more discount. Get their best price today.

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Webhostingpad with $200 free gift & free website security

This Webhostingpad is now having a new website design, and they are now giving away more free gifts than before. When you order their budget web hosting plan with cPanel control panel, you are entitle for the $200 free marketing ads credit and the new website security feature. Webhostingpad is now offering this access guardian feature for free, and it includes the following:

Free business verification

Free daily spam scan

Free daily malware scan

Display secured cert in your website

Constant network scanning

Secure data center

This Webhostingpad is one of our most preferred budget web hosting plan, with all the good feature and now with lots more free gifts compare to the other. And this Webhostingpad is now hosting more than 200k domains. And they are now with budget VPS web hosting plans too.

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