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Looking for the Cheap Web Hosting? And the same time offering decent web hosting service? For the pass few years of reviewing web hosting companies, web currently using over 50 of these plans from various service providers. There are few plans that are really cheap and the same time good in quality.

Cheap Web Hosting = Price Range $2 to $5 + Good Feature + Reliability + Support

There must be a balance between price, features, good uptime, and customer support quality. You can use below table to easily compare various hosting plan. Use the header tab to SORT the field you prefer. You can sort by space, bandwidth, and price features in ascending or descending order. Do find it useful.

No. Hosting Company Space Bandwidth Domains? Free Domain? Cpanel? Coupon?
1 iPage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Ipage Coupon $1.99/mo
2 Fatcow Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Fatcow Coupon $3.15/mo
3 Justhost Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Justhost Coupon $3.25/mo
4 Webhostingpad Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Webhostingpad Coupon $25 'TWHR25'
5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Hostmonster Coupon $4.95/mo
6 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel Bluehost Coupon $4.95/mo
7 Unlimited Unlimited 1 Yes Cpanel Hostgator Coupon 25% HOSTGATOR371
8 Netfirms Unlimited Unlimited 1 Yes Vdeck Netfirms Coupon 50% Off
9 Green Geeks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Cpanel GreenGeeks Coupon $25 'TWHR25'
10 Webhostingbuzz 400GB 10000GB 2 Yes Cpanel Webhostingbuzz Coupon
11 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Ipower Coupon $4.95/mo
12 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Startlogic Coupon $5.95
13 Dot5hosting Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Vdeck Dot5hosting Coupon $5.95/mo
14 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Yes Backstage Site5 Coupon
15 Eukhost 200MB 2GB Unlimited No Cpanel Eukhost Coupon

How to find cheap web hosting service? Nowadays, building a website can be done by an ordinary person because of so many cheap web hosting plans that can be found on the market. You can even have a website for free. Therefore, if you want to publish your own website, you don’t need to worry too much. You have a lot of options to choose from, and you simply need to sign up in one of them.

But is it really enough to just decide based on the price of the service? Is it right to sign up for a web host because it is the cheapest of them all? Having a reliable and user-friendly webpage is important if you are managing a business. It lets you connect with your clients or possible investors. It might ruin your business if you use a bad web hosting service.

If you don’t have the budget, it is okay to subscribe to a shared hosting plan, but don’t settle for anything less. Even with a low-priced hosting plan, you can make your webpage better.

There are more important things you should consider other than the price. And here are those things:

  1. Free set up
    Cheap web hosting service is not that hard to set up. Do not sign up for companies that are asking for additional fees. They might just want to earn extra from you since you only need to pay more or less $5 a month for a hosting plan.
  2. Free trial or money-back guarantee
    Signing up for a company that gives you days or a month to evaluate its service is very useful. It will help you decide whether the hosting plan is the right one for your business or not. Plus, you will not worry about losing your money if you are not satisfied with the service. However, not all web hosting providers offer money-back guarantees. Unless the company has a very impressive reputation on web hosting, you should look for the one with trial period.
  3. Features and customization
    You should expect that there are limited features when you avail a cheap web hosting deal. Sometimes, you only get what you need when you upgrade your web hosting plan. So, be sure that most of the features you want for your websites are included on the deal. Otherwise, you will need to pay additional fees.
  4. Technical support
    Shared hosting is vulnerable to technical issues, such as attacks from hackers, server breakdown, slow connection, and many more. As you might experience any of these problems, it is advantageous to get a web hosting plan with a 24-hour person-to-person technical support. Many low-priced services only offer email support. Some just provide section for FAQs or knowledge bases. Go for the web host that you can easily turn to when problems arise.
  5. Bandwidth and space
    In the past, you only get limited bandwidth and space for your website. But because of so many companies competing with each other, numerous services are now offering unlimited bandwidth and space. There are some companies that offer them as free upgrades.

Don’t rely too much on the advertisement or press release of a website. If you think it is what you are looking for, think again. Even if the service is cheap, dependable and excellent, you should still check these two important things before signing up for the hosting plan:

  1. Monthly fee
    Some services only look affordable when they are being offered as a package deal. For example, they offer a web hosting plan for $60 a year. It means the service is $4 a month, but that does not mean that you can avail the service in just 30 days. You have to sign up for an annual web hosting plan for a cheaper fee. You should also check whether the service will give you an additional charge for anything. Sometimes, it only seems cheap because you get an incomplete service.
  2. Terms and conditions
    Just like any other contracts, reading the terms and conditions is very significant. You should know what you are signing up for before giving your money. You might overlook something important such as giving your web hosting provider the copyright of everything you post on your web page.

Do not forget that a cheap web hosting plan cannot fully give you everything you need. It might even cause you security and quality problems. If you are really decided to get a shared hosting service, you should accept its limitations and weaknesses.

15 Thoughts on “Cheap Hosting

  • We decided to remove bluehost hostmonster from this budget web host list, because of their new price $6.95 & $5.95 price.

  • Cirtex is also a budget web hosting company that support video streaming, and so we select it into the top 10 budget list above. EUKHost is UK based company and they get into the list too.

  • Sitecloud is the most budget cloud hosting plan here, and they are selling at $4.95/mo, they are really this great. Having potential to move higher into the list. Watch out!

  • Added site5 hosting into our budget web hosting list. Site5 is cheap and selling at $4.95/mo, with 30% coupon discount and 35% coupon for even cheaper price.

  • For a good (e.g. wordpress) web hosting the only special thing you will need to run is a MySQL database and to host more websites, you will need more domains hosting and more databases also, plus rock solid server stability and excellent customer service. BTW, cheap or affordable web hosting does not mean poor quality. This is an interesting review blog!

  • Hi Erwin,
    we conduct real web hosting review and testing in order to compare and find the best web hosting plans. Signup with various web hosting companies and test their services, keep track of uptime downtime, test the customer service and more. Years of reviews will decide which web hosts are the best!

    ps. we expend the cheap web hosting list above to have top 20 budget web hosts in total. We are continue searching for budget web host from time-to-time!

  • Warning! Warning about

    Warning on :

    Unfair pricing and lots of places hooks, unwanted automatic renewal of contracts,
    many complicated and unpleasant fixation periods.

    Terms of the contract and the Customer’s Subscription is subject to Danish law
    and all disputes and disagreements between the Customer and will be determined during Maritime and Commercial in Copenhagen!

    Very Hard to cancel service so they really are
    redundant. One should expect that it may Unfair pricing and lots of places hooks,
    unwanted automatic renewal of contracts,
    many complicated and unpleasant fixation periods.

    Terms of the contract and the Customer’s Subscription is subject to Danish law
    and all disputes and disagreements between the Customer and will be determined during Maritime and Commercial in Copenhagen!
    Very Hard to cancel service so they really are
    redundant. One should expect that it may debt collection requirements
    after a year or two on bills and reminders, they never
    sent out.

    Miserable and worthless support to residential customers!

    ~ $75 for the transfer of ownership is beneath contempt.
    Not only that. They have the nerve to come in at ~$10
    administrative fee as well, although prices subject to change without details.

    NOTE: Terminate the agreement as soon as you can! move your domains!

    Use a real agent instead.


  • Hi Ahbar,

    you can search for better budget web hosting company from our list above, we have hosting account with most of them here, and we can share the web hosting experience with everyone.

    currently the most value for money budget web hosting company is ipage & fatcow, justhost and ix web hosting.

  • web hosting plan is not necessary expensive, you can find top web hosting plan at discount price, by this you can get the plan at very cheap price.

    That’s the different about our cheap web hosting plan, its cheap and its great, you find these top web hosting plan at very cheap price.

  • ipage & fatcow changed their first year promo and have slightly higher price. But their 2-3 years hosting plan become cheaper, its best time to grab them for 3 years straight. We have the best ipage fatcow special promo price for you!

  • our cirtex budget hosting is having lots of problems and sites running extremely slow, so they went to the bottom of our list right now.

    Hostgator with the new 20% available directly at homepage, plus they next coming 25% hostgator coupon code makes it even better. We are pushing them higher.

  • Beside that, super green hosting and greenville host and hostclear went higher in our list. Together with inmotion web hosting that shows improved web hosting experience as well.

    Hostnine sucks as our websites keep getting hacked in and posted with spam message. Terrible.

  • startlogic, dot5 hosting and ipower price back to original. Its more expensive now. Ipage & fatcow is more recommended, more free gift and bonus included inside.

  • hostgator is now a very great cheap hosting deals.
    Price is now $3.71 per month, 25% discount from regular pricing.

  • This month we are recommending Webhostingpad, Inmotion and Hostgator web hosting. Why?

    1) Webhostingpad is $1.99 and available with $25 discount, their new VPS plan start from $9.95 and server as a great upgrade option.

    2) Next we have Inmotion hosting which start from $3 and there is business plan from $5.95 per month, a great quality web hosting plan.

    3) Finally, Hostgator is selected this month as one of the most affordable web hosting plan. All their web hosting services are now 25% off and the new Windows dedicated server is $100 off regular price for the first month. With all these great web hosting deals, we had selected them as one of the most recommended cheap web hosting plan of the month.

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